My Recent Purchases!!

Hey Everyone!
It's Julie...
I got some new stuff recently and just wanted to give a sneak peek.

The pictures aren't that great but once we get more legit photos we will be sure to share.
These new clothes are really exciting though!
We have two Diane Von Furstenberg dresses! OOh!! The really pretty blue dress and the super adorable short dress with the black bodice and buttons and the flowered and polka dotted skirt.
Then I also got some more Womens Garment Workers Union clothing. I don't know why but I love seeing that tag in clothing.

This short sleeved blazer has "the tag" and there is also a birds nest in the background!

I also got two more rompers!!
Who doesn't love rompers, they are just so much fun!
I got a peach one and a polka dot one!

So check out the shop, we are adding more stuff every day!
So exciting!!!

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  1. Julie, great finds! I love the short dress with the black bodies and buttons and the flowered/polka dotted skirt! That dress is just amazing!