love etsy 1

I have few great stories about my etsy experience and one requires some pictures and I have been so busy with my driving lessons (I've been saying to get a license for seven years and now I finally doing it, very very exciting) I haven't got a chance to take pictures so I will save that for later.

The other exciting etsy experience is this.
Philadelphia based photographer Michele Wass contacted Ultramarine Vintage via Etsy.
She wants to collaborate with us on fashion photo-shoots!
Isn't etsy such a wonderful place?
We weren't expecting opportunity like this to pop up using etsy when we started our store.
Julie, Michele and I got together past weekend and started to plan out our upcoming photo-shoot. Julie had a great idea for location and I think this is going to be fantastic.
We are currently looking for models and of course more amazing vintage clothing.
I will go to thrift store this Friday to hunt.

Here is Michele's web site:


  1. hey! thats so exciting! congratulations;)


  2. thanks chie! it's really exciting! we'll have more models and also hair stylist etc...
    Michele wants to be a fashion photographer so this is like a perfect opportunity for both of us.