Polaroid-Back in Action

So I don't know about anyone else but I know that I love Polaroids!
I think it's the instant gratification part of it that I love.
So of course I was sad when they stopped producing it but now I no longer have to worry thanks to the Impossible Project.
They will re-launch some of the most famous Polaroid Instant Cameras and they are going to have black and white film!
And this is all happening soon, in 2010!

So I am going to celebrate by posting some favorite Polaroids of mine...

and some that I found...

and some by André Kertész...
whose book The Polaroids, I read last year.
He was a Hungarian photographer who was given a Polaroid camera when he was in his 70s after his wife died. He embraced it after he found a glass figure in a shop window that reminded him of her. And that was when his book was birthed.

I just like to picture this cute old man sitting in his apartment in New York City taking polaroids of his glass figure and being thrilled when the light was coming through his window just perfectly.

After all this talk about polaroids all I want to do tomorrow is go out and take polaroids.

Maybe we can take some shots of our clothes with a polaroid camera...

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  1. yes yes yes! i've been following the impossible project online and i'm thrilled that they're bringing it back! i still have a fairly large stash in my fridge but this means i can start using them more liberally! huzzah!