I'm so bad about posting every day.

I believe these photos were taken in the early 70s by Raymundo de Lorrain, who also photographed Jimi Hendrix in a similar style. I don't think I could ever really pull off a look like any of these, but there are probably very few who could. I don't think I've ever really been able to embrace a flowy or drapy sort of look, but given the right garment I might undertake the challenge. I especially like the last dress.

The mirrors in this photo shoot reminds me of this ABBA video for "One of Us" from their last album "The Visitors." Note the terrible 80s hairdos. A better example of 80s fashion failure can be seen in their video for "Head Over Heels" from the same time period (at 2:58, Frida performs a kind of fashion show with terrifying results). However, I am one of those people who cannot fault ABBA for anything, and so I don't see anything wrong with all of Frida's hideous hats and golden gowns nor Agnetha's copious eye shadow. Furthermore, I don't know many women that went through the 80s unscathed by its unflattering fashions. I am glad I was spared having to live through that decade, although people these days seem to idealize what really went down. I mean, hasn't anyone seen Pretty in Pink? How much better was Molly Ringwold's prom dress in its 60s incarnation than after her 80s redo? I think that settles the matter.

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