So my grandmother wanted to buy me a fur coat for Christmas. But she wanted me to pick one out so ever since Christmas we have been scavenging for a nice coat. My grandmother thinks fur is necessary for winter to keep you warm and sees fur as something you can wear everyday. Where as I think of fur as something you wear to be stylish and only on special occasions.
I never considered owning real fur, until she suggested it. She just decided this year she was buying everyone fur for Christmas!
My two aunts and my two cousins all have their own furs now. My mom and I are still trying to find furs that look good on us and fit!
For now, I am learning a lot about fur and feeling like a queen, trying on all of these luxurious fur coats. When you try them on you can't help but do the classic fur coat pose- like Marilyn Monroe.

I know I want a fur that is a deep brown color, and that hits a little below the butt, and fur length that isn't too long.
Other than that I have no clue!!!
We are searching at thrift and vintage stores and they only have a small selection so I don't know when to settle because I don't know what else is out there.
But I feel like I have been learning a lot just by trying on all of these furs.
So far I have learned that beaver is incredibly soft but not so pretty. It is too shaggy for my taste. Mink is very soft as well but in a different way. It is silkier, beaver is plusher and fuzzier in some way.
I like fox but only when it is short fur.
Rabbit is really silky too but it doesn't seem as heavy as mink, and feels like it won't keep you as warm.
I really like the look of the Persian lamb, but my grandmother doesn't think it is youthful enough for me.
And that seems to be all I can remember right now.

For now the search is still on, but I will definitely be posting pictures when I finally find one!


  1. I have been wearing my rabbit fur scarf all the time and it keeps me so much warmer than anything else in. I got it from an antique store, also for Christmas. I'm so jealous that you're going to get your own fur coat! It's really been a dream of mine.

  2. Also I've always wanted a long silver squirrel coat because Zelda Fitzgerald's character in The Beautiful and the Damned continuously talked about buying one. They were very fashionable for a time in the 20s.