Outfit Post + Thrift Haul

camo jacket, blouse, skirt, shoes, purse, necklace, bracelets - thrifted

As usual, I've been bad about doing these, but here's an outfit post (yaaay). And also as usual, everything I'm wearing I bought at thrift stores. I am obsessed with this blouse. It's made of a lovely white silk, with very subtle shoulder pads and a really cool embroidered pattern of alternating white and black arrows along the cuffs, collar, etc. I bought it for $3. The red skirt is suede with a houndstooth pattern. You can't see these details cos I suck at focusing my camera with a self timer! Oh well.

I also love this camouflage jacket. I have no idea what it was used for, but it was definitely made circa the 1960s based on the tags and the material used.

Above are a few things from this past weekend's thrift haul. The first is a ceramic bowl signed "Ardenware by Kate." Ardenware was made in Arden, Delaware, which isn't too far from here. Arden was initially a commune in the late 1800s, but I believe this was made in the 1970s. My boyfriend and I loved this bowl so much we decided not to sell it. Artichokes and mushrooms are some of our favorite things to eat, and we're both getting into collecting glazed pottery, so into our china cabinet it goes!

The second photo shows a bunch of handmade matchboxes I picked up for 25 cents each. They have what I think are magazine clippings (there is a different one on each side), covered in a veneer of some kind, with handmade matchsticks inside a box constructed mostly of masking tape. These were definitely made a while ago. I love weird items like this; this is really why I am a thrift shopper, and these kinds of things are what keep me going back out there. You can't buy this stuff anywhere; they just appear to you, out of the blue, and you can only wonder at their back story.


  1. omg those match boxes!! so adorable! i really miss thrift shopping in philly!

  2. great shirt, I love it, ! x

  3. love how you styled this outfit with the camouflage jacket!

  4. hi! i like your blog! it is so cool! would u like to follow each other? i'll be happy)

  5. The camo jacket is super cool (as everyone else seems to be saying!) and the matches are so sweet... its so cool when you find cute stuff when thrifting :)