first photo shoot - vol. 1

Welcome to Ultramarine Vintage!
We're looking forward to selling the
following dresses on our online store.
Soon we'll begin listing items.
These pictures are the result of our first photo shoot.

This is Bella in a beautiful paisley dress.
I got this dress from my friend
and the dress looked a bit flat and shapeless to me
before I saw it on a person, so I was pleasantly surprised
to see how good it looked on Bella.
It's made out of stretchy fabric that allows for a great, tight fit.
The hat matches this dress so well! I love this hat but it belongs to Julie...

My cat Tama attacking Bella.
One of the highlights of this dress is the decorative trim
on the bottom hem, a lovely black beaded fringe
that sways with you. Tama couldn't stop himself from playing with it.

The next dress is very unique,
perfect for making a statement and standing out at a party.
It's also surprising comfortable and easy to wear.

It's impossible not to look stunning in this dress.
The high waist and the bright floral pattern
make it stand out so exquisitely. It's both artsy and fun.

Here is a more casual dress.
You could wear this anywhere.
You can't see in these pictures but belt is braided.
I'd enjoy wearing this during the summer
because it's breezy and the long sleeves prevent
sun burn and bug bites.
The off-white vintage bag here is really adorable too.

The color combination on this dress makes it easy to accessorize--
it goes with anything. A broad range of styles can be
incorporated to establish your own look.

This is my favorite. Purple!

More to come!

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