first photo shoot - vol. 2

Here are the remaining garments
we photographed during our first photo shoot.

Bella combined a vintage fur cap
with this stunning turquoise dress
for a look that is both glamorous and adorable.
Although fancy, this dress is capable of looking perfect for any occasion.

This is a vintage reversible beach dress.
The reverse side is baby blue.
Meant to be worn over a bathing
suit for a relaxing day at the beach.

This is the cutest beachy romper.
Bella put it on and said she felt
instantly cool and comfortable.
Easy to wear, perfect for summer and completely adorable.
Seashells adorn the mesh top
and there are even little mesh pockets!

The girls at Ultramarine Vintage
are hard at work preparing our store opening
so don't forget to keep checking up on us.
Soon this blog will be filled
with great fashion ideas and beautiful clothes.

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