pink gorgeous silky fuschia blouse

Hi, this is Naoko. How's life treating everyone?
Bella and I shopped so much vintage clothes past weekend. It was crazy. We were crazy.
Can't wait to share them with you! We got really good stuff.
We're doing a studio photoshoot this weekend so new photos will be up next week.

I just added the pink silky fuschia blouse on our etsy store.
The color of this blouse is simply stunning. We also have a same blouse in different color, not yet listed on etsy. They're both really elegant and famine. Just put this blouse on with a simple bottom (I'd wear with skinny pants), it'll instantly dress you up.

Then, I was browsing Urban Outfitters website to get some ideas for the photoshoot and found this tank that looks really similar to our blouse! I put the photos together to compare.

What do you think?

The tank is $58 and our blouse is $19.
Oh, also we are doing this promotion "BE OUR FIRST CUSTOMER!" on our sty store.

If you buy now, we will provide free shipping on one or more items.
Just convo us on etsy or send us an email to before purchasing so that we can remove the shipping cost :)

The weather is so beautiful in Philadelphia today. Perfect summer day...


  1. thats so cool! the one from urban does look really similar to yours!

  2. Isn't it?
    I wasn't even looking for things that look similar but I just found it!

  3. Great pieces!!! I miss Philly.... I grew up outside of the city but I still miss the East Coast and it's big green trees!!!