favorite color

Does everyone have a favorite color?
I do. Green is my favorite color of all time.
If I see any green retro patterned print shirts in thrift stores I must have it.
It's a form of obsession. I love green!
If you peek my closet you'll see so much green than any other colors.

Bella and Julie found this amazing kelly green 60s dress from thrift store few weeks ago.
I wasn't there, if I were there I probably bought it for myself.
But we're trying to establish our Etsy store with amazing garments at this moment so I needed to control my desire for green and decided to let someone else enjoy this amazing dress.
I love 60s dress too...

Check this out!

This is available at our Etsy store for $37!

My friend Kaori is wearing this dress in the photo. She did a great job modeling.
It looked great on her.
We took a lot of pictures of our new items on last Sunday (my friend Craig and Nao took pictures).
Can't wait to share all of them with you!