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Very exciting news! We've been accepted to sell items on Market Publique, the vintage marketplace. I myself love browsing through Market Publique and I feel honored now to be a part of the club. It's probably the best place on the web to buy vintage garments. Etsy and Ebay are both so clogged up with crap and people who can't take pictures, but Market Publique has a selection process that weeds these kinds out.

Right now we're listing two items that I'm crazy about:

This minidress by Diane von Furstenberg has got all us Ultramarine girls in a tizzy. It's so wacky and unique and I can't quite place my finger on the source of its special madness. Is it the over-sized polka dot collar? The adorable buttons? The super-short floral mini skirt? Who knows.

I was so excited to find out that the brand that made this deep blue dress, Marimekko, is an esteemed Finnish design firm that made their impact in the 60s and 70s with amazing graphic prints. The color and the fabric on the dress made me instantly fall in love with it. It's just so soft! I admire how perfectly its simple cut hangs. It's no nonsense and it's high quality. These are things I truly admire in a garment.

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