my vintage photo obsession

Hello gang, it's Bella. Today I wanted to post something a little different from what you've seen here before, but first let me tell you a little secret about myself: I have an overwhelming desire to obsessively collect great vintage magazine scans that I find online. I have at least 7,000 images of this nature on my laptop, all without any particularly good use. But I've recently decided that this blog would be the perfect place to share and discuss such images, perhaps in an effort to justify this somewhat pointless hobby. Today, I wanted to talk about the color yellow.

For a long time I refused to buy yellow clothing because my complexion and my hair are already too yellow in tinge. But lately I've had the compulsion to begin amassing mustard and saffron garments despite any previous bias. In doing so I've realized that yellow is one of the more subtle shades in the color spectrum, that it is both a summer and a winter color, and that it could possibly be beyond reproach. I love the way that yellow kind of softly slips into your eye and brightly remains. Blue and red are flashy and they make a distinct statement, but yellow simply is. Yellow is almost like the color of air.

Since I am probably making no sense to anybody but myself, I'll leave you all until next time.

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