MAD MEN and high waisted skirts!

Needless to say, high waited skirts are back in style and MAD MEN is the best show on TV right now.

I've started watching MAD MEN just like everybody else in the United States since last weekend and completely hooked by its great script and production design (Plus the director of photography on this show, Chris Manley is Temple's Film School graduate, just like me, so that helps me feel more connected to the show also).

I don't really watch TV.
I don't like the wavelengths that TV creates and the doing of watching TV screen. It makes me dizzy sometimes.
So it's rare for me to being obsessed with any TV show at all.
TV shows I've learned to love were legendary drama Twin Peaks and reality TV show Project Runway (I missed the new season premier yesterday!).

I'm sure millions of people have already talked enough about MAD MEN and 50s/60s fashion but I can't help talking about it because it's so great.
The keen attentions to details in costumes, props, and sets are tremendous and just amazing.
I can't imagine how much work are into that show.

Quick summary here, MAD MEN is the second-year AMC drama — earned 16 Emmy nominations and made history as the first basic-cable show to win a top drama-series award. It takes place at a New York advertising agency in the early 1960s.

So you get to see the end of 1950s fashion and transformation to 1960s fashion.
Who wears more 1960 forward fashion and who wears still 1950s fashion show each character's personality and life style.
It's really well thought out and delivered. The Costume designer Janie Bryant has done amazing job. 
This show is so successful because these small details really matters and important part of storytelling.

Here is a still from the show: Peggy Olson, one of the main character in the show (Elisabeth Moss is nominated for Emmy this year). Just like her character in the show, her fashion is kind of dorky, old-fashioned, and school-girlish. I kind of like that though. It reflects her character really well. She is innocent and new to the world, so she has a lot to learn. 
I'm excited to see how her style changes as the show continues. 
She is Julie's favorite character. 
My favorite female character is Joan but I'll talk about her in another time!

Julie found this 60s retro black long shered sleeved dress in the beginning of this summer.
We just posted on our Etsy store. The cut and the ruffled detail reminded me of this Peggy's look on the picture. 
I love the color and pattern on this dress though, it's perfect for Peggy.

So back to high waisted skirts. 
Watching MAD MEN just reminded me how excited I am about all the high waisted skits we found!
We have so many of them and all of them have different personalities just like the characters in MAD MEN.

Most of the items are available on our Etsy store or Market Publique.

Peggy in high waisted skirts:

Office ladies and Joan in high waisted skirts:

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