goodbye summer

Julie and I start school on Monday. In honor of this, us Ultramarine gals are having a Back to School Sale on both our Etsy store and on Market Publique. Keep your eyes open for great deals as well as new items.

The start of school signals the close of summer. I can't help but think it's ending too soon. I dug out a few photos from my collection that I think embody my future summer pining.

For those of you who are interested, the first photo is Sandra Dee, famous 50s cutie pie and one-time wife of Bobby Darin. The second photo I think I found in the Library of Congress photostream when it was first created. The middle image is Jean Shrimpton, whom I personally prefer to her supermodel successor Twiggy. I find that "The Shrimp," as she was called, had the ability to express a great deal more grace and had a wider range than Twiggy. The last two images are from a 1954 June issue of Harper's Bazaar. They are so wistful and magical. I really feel like all these girls are softly whispering a solemn goodbye to their silent summers. I think I will join them.

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