pretty color and I hate pigeons

I was watching Mad Men on Sunday night and liked Peggy's outfit.
This vest she's wearing looked more orange on TV screen but this is the color I was talking about in last post. Coral pink - orange.

I loved Betty's outfits but couldn't find both of the images online.
Here is one:

You can't see the entire dress but it looked great on her. The other one was a white dress with small black polka dots on.

I was little disappointed about some of the season 3 episodes being bit boring but last two episodes were great. Hallucination, Joan's tears, and blood.
I miss Joan. Joan and Don are the strongest characters in the show.

I forget if it was season 1 or 2 episode but I loved the episode Betty shoots the neighbors white pigeons. That was great.

Sorry for those who love pigeons but I hate pigeons.
White ones are ok... but I just don't like them and they freak me out.
I think they are the most hideous creature on earth.
I hate the empty look in their eyes (a clear sign of absence of intelligence), the way they move and make noises and where they live etc...everything about them makes me sick.

I ride my bike to get around in Philadelphia and I see flat pigeon on streets all the time.
First time I saw it I couldn't believe my eyes because I've never seen anything like it before (I lived in Tokyo, Toronto, and Michigan and traveled several other countries and never seen it).
FLAT PIGEON. I never dreamed I would see anything like that.
I guess pigeons in Philadelphia are stupider and slower than other ones in other places though.
I've even witnessed a pigeon using a stairs. WHAT A LAZY PIECE OF MEAT!
Come on, pigeons can fly and stairs are made for people to travel different level of elevations.

I guess I'm generally a hater than a lover. Can't help it.

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