Hello fall

So the weird summer is gone.
It wasn't hot at all and now it's all gone.

Sorry for not updating the blog for so long.
I was doing a theater play for Philadelphia Fringe Festival and was completely swamped by it for a while.

I designed and sewed a lot of costumes for the play.
For a while, I sewed every night till 2 am, woke up 6:30 am to sew until I went to work.
I even did some sewing at work!

Finally things are slowing down and I have time to write a blog post.

Bella and I went to a thrift store last weekend and bought some nice vintage clothes!
We found a lot of pink coral-orange colored clothes.
Beautiful autumn color that makes you happier rather than feeling depressed about shorter day time that continues to get worse.
I'll try to post pictures of them soon.

By the way, I'm very disappointed about new season of Project Runway.
People I like keep being kicked out and I'm continued to be not crazy about winning pieces.
I was not impressed by Nicolas' ice queen costume from last week.
What's so special about this?
Not so creative, innovative, imaginative, nor beautiful.
What's wrong with Project Runway?

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