get ready to hibernate

It's been really cold in Philadelphia.
Winter is near us. I can feel it!
In order to hibernate with joy, you have to get everything you need before it gets too cold.
Look at this squirrel in the photo (I saw him near my office today and couldn't help taking pictures), he is eating as much as he can as quick as possible and finding more food to save for winter.

Just like him, I've been doing the same for shopping.
I bought so much stuff online to prepare for hibernation.

Here are some of lovely things I bought on Etsy recently.

Pig cup: this is so much cuter in real life. I got this as a gift.

Kitty ashtray: this ashtray is just so amazing. came from upper Michigan. Highlight of this ashtray is you can see kittens cute asses from the other side.

I haven't received this pig sweater yet and I'm very angry!
It's been almost two weeks!!!! Everything else I bought on etsy arrived in a week except this item.

I love this dress. This is a first dress I've ever bought online.
I did it because I'm attending my friend's wedding and wanted to get something formal and nice.

I'm planning to do "dress naoko up for friend's wedding" project here, getting Bella and Julie's help to prepare myself for attending my friend's wedding in appropriate fashion.
But more later! Stay tuned!!


  1. I love this post!
    All those cute things!
    I love shopping in the winter, for some reason I have found my most favorite things in the winter.

    I can't wait to start shopping for accessories for the dress!

  2. I, Bella, would like to attest that I dutifully studying for my geology lab midterm whilst you, Naoko, fortuitously snapped that squirrel pic. It's so perfect!