I have been noticing lately that blazers are becoming increasingly popular.

I've seen them pictured on models and actresses and I've seen them around Temple.
My mom actually just gave me two of her old blazers and I wasn't sure if I would ever wear them but after seeing other people pull them off pretty successfully I'm thinking maybe I should try them out.

The pictures I've seen make them look so stylish and cool. You can make blazers formal or casual, wear them with a dress or jeans, and you can bundle up in them for the cold weather.

I tend to associate blazers with stuffy business people but these girls wear their blazers so well.
I know they are models, so a lot of things are going to look good on them that might not on regular people but people pulled them off in the 80's.

So good revival?
I guess so- as long as the shoulder pads don't come back too!

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  1. The first girl looks like Mike Price so much....

    I like the second and forth girls' style the best.
    Their legs are so long though... I wish I can wear blazer and short pants with knee high socks like that but I'm way too short for that kind of style.