Love & Marriage

I have been watching Married With Children incessantly lately. Never liked it back when it was on TV but now I can't get enough.

And Peggy Bundy has won my heart.

I like Peggy for a couple reasons:
1. She's sassy.
2. Her walk! Arms out, tiny tiny steps, and a shake of the hips.
3. Her anti-cooking and cleaning attitudes.
And 4. Her style.

She has a basic uniform for every show- spandex pants, floral patterned shirts, always belted at the waist, chunky pearls, heels, HUGE hair, and occasionally a cigarette in hand. But on special occasions she pulls out all the stops- with her feather boas and ruffled beyond belief tops and high waisted, skin tight pants.

So she is definitely in my Top 2 Peggys.
First will always be Peggy Olson.

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  1. I love Married... With Children! I've been watching it a lot lately too. But I think Kelly is my personal favorite, although it's not easy to pick them from that show. I just wait for her to come on screen and be the oversexed ditz that she is. RIP Christina Applegate's mammary glands.