photo du jour

I'm going to try and post a different picture every day, or every couple of days, from now on. I might give some information about the photo but mostly I'm just here to share and provide amazingly insightful commentary. Today's pick is:

Why? Because it's clearly insane. Why is this lusty-looking huddled figure standing in a yellow purgatory being stalked by a possibly animatronic Persian feline? What is the meaning of this bizarre portrait? What, if anything, could these various details symbolize? I have a feeling that there is absolutely no interpretation that could satisfy my curiosity. I mean, they were trying to sell clothes with this image. How is it that they thought they were accomplishing their objectives? Did they intend to appeal to some abstract Freudian concept that I am unaware of? You decide.

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  1. All I know is that this white fluffy kitty does not belong to this lady. The kitty is forced being this weird room with no window and depressed. She needs to be returned to where she belongs to but she never will.