lousy weekend weather

Of course, another cat...

I don't know why that woman is pictured wearing a sack. Not very fashionable, I would think. I do, however, like her turtleneck/brooch idea. I will need to try that. I wish I owned about 1,232,254 more turtlenecks. I don't think I'll ever own enough, especially if this winter turns out to be as frigid and miserable as the past few days have been. I miss the sun.


  1. So it looks like this woman cut this sack and turned it into the dress in the oppostite picture.
    And that stone cat is creepy yet cute.
    But I love that red hat with the white polka dots on it. I love vintage hats but unlike most vintage pieces I feel uncomfortable wearing them out in public...they are just too much.
    Oh well.

    And I totally agree about this weather, it sucks!

  2. I love the hat too! I would totally wear something like that in public.

  3. You could actually pull off a hat like that, Naoko. No one would think twice about it. I have a problem with wearing hats because my head is too small and I feel like it makes my head just about disappear.