more fun with furs...

Since Julie brought up the subject of furs:

Girls modeling giant fur garments

The lovely Talitha Pol wore a wedding dress with fur trim when she married Paul Getty

Penelope Tree in a ridiculous fur hat

Bette Davis in furs

And of course, who doesn't want to sleep here?


  1. Bella these pictures are great!
    How do you have such good photos all the time?
    It took me days of sifting through pictures and I had to settle for those ones that aren't even that great.
    Also blogger was being a bitch and was giving me trouble with formatting but anyway...

    One of the stores I went to had a dress similar to the ones the girls are wearing in the first photos- it was great!
    I went out shopping again today with my grandmother, I am afraid I am getting obsessed!

  2. Oh and that bed looks incredible!!!!

  3. I spend way too much time on the internet, obviously!