J. Crew?

I have never thought about J. Crew before last weekend. I always just thought it was over priced and boring. But I was at the Christiana Mall in Delaware when I passed by a display in the window of their store and something caught my eye. They had a very simple outfit- a navy dress, belted at the waist with a skinny belt and a panama hat with a black strip. Totally simple and classic.
I loved the color palette and it made me want to dress in those colors all summer, they make you look sophisticated. I wanted that outfit so badly, it looked so effortless. So J.Crew surprised and inspired me, maybe I will make this outfit from thrift store finds!

[These are images of the J.Crew outfit that I saw, it really looks great together. I put this collage together on Polyvore so I'm sorry the quality is kind of low but it was so easy to do, they had the pieces on the website and I just added them to the collage.]

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  1. love the dress.
    let's go for thrift shopping soon!