Utilitarian Style

All winter I feel like a sloppy mess. Bundled up, looking three times my size. Which is why I really can't wait for spring, it is so much easier to look nicer in spring. But looking around the city, there are a lot of girls who look great in their winter gear, and I don't understand how. The one style I have idealized this winter and could never achieve is the "Utilitarian Style". I'm not sure if that is a real phrase or if anyone will understand what I am talking about but I'll try to explain what I mean. Some girls look really chic in practical clothing. I couldn't pull it off though because it is also really simple and sleek and I love colors and patterns and craziness. It also seems like it can be expensive style. I'm sure I couldn't get the pieces I have in mind at a thrift store.
Speaking of what I have in mind...when I think of this style I think of those Wellington Hunter boots first of all. I don't know why but I am so envious of people that have them. I like all the colors they come in and they are so sleek. My winter boots are dirty and bulky, not sleek at all.
Long down coats are another thing I think of when I think about utilitarian clothing. They look so warm! If only I actually had a winter coat made for winter weather.
Overall I would say that utilitarian style is put together, sleek, simple, and involves colors like black, brown, tan, forest green, and navy. And most importantly it is practical, it will keep you warm in the winter yet looking stylish.

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