I want this!

Sorry we haven't had a chance to share all the great photos from the photo-shoot! I just came back from Montreal few days ago (I was there for Fantasia Film Festival for my short film) and have been catching up with things such as harassing my cats and singing pre 1989 Japanese songs at karaoke party etc...

Anyway, ever since we did a photo-shoot, I've been obsessively searching for cute red shoes.

Julie put this look together -->>

Kaori wore this pretty summery pleated dress with red shoes which was little too big on her and the cute little red purse. She looked great!
I loved this look so much that now I need to get red shoes for myself.
I haven't found anything yet since my feet are weird and it's tough to find good fit shoes for me.

We all should own red shoes.
They are magical, aren't they?

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